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West Coast Fever Terms and Conditions – 2017 Season Membership 

1. General Terms and Conditions 


1.1. The below terms and conditions are relevant to the purchase of 2017 Membership of West Coast Fever. 

1.2. Terms and conditions of 2017 West Coast Fever Membership are subject to change and are at the discretion of Netball WA. 

1.3. By purchasing a Membership you agree to these terms and conditions. Any individual purchasing a Membership on behalf of a third party shall be deemed to be acting with the consent of such third party to agree to these terms and conditions. 

1.4. By purchasing this Membership you acknowledge and agree that you are entering into an agreement on the terms set out in these terms and conditions with Netball WA for the entire period of time covered by the Membership. 


2. Membership Terms 


2.1. West Coast Fever reserves the right to change all or any of the package details enclosed in the 2017 Membership season brochure/website and accompanying application forms, including changing allocated seating. 

2.2. West Coast Fever reserves the right to decline any application for Membership in its absolute discretion. If your application for Membership is successful, you will receive a confirmation email to the address indicated in your application. 

2.3. All prices are inclusive of GST. 

2.4. The location, date and match times of all West Coast Fever home matches are subject to change, are based on venue availability and are determined by the National Netball League. 

2.5. All matches will be played on any day of the week and may be played during the day or night 

2.6. In becoming a West Coast Fever 2017 Member, you and/or those using your Membership are granting Netball WA permission to use images, footage and potential interviews, taken at West Coast Fevers’ events and/or games to help promote the sport of Netball and the West Coast Fever. This imagery/footage may be used in various ways, including but not limited to; Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, marketing collateral and other West Coast Fever related materials, or to provide to media outlets and agencies for the purpose of promoting the sport and the West Coast Fever. 

2.7. All Members are subject to the terms and conditions of Perth Arena, HBF Stadium and any other venue utilised by the West Coast Fever in 2016 and 2017. Perth Arena matches are subject to final confirmation of venue availability. 

2.8. All Memberships are subject to the terms of ticket sale from Ticketek (visit ticketek.com.au), Ticketmaster (visit ticketmaster.com.au) and any other ticketing agency utilised by the West Coast Fever in 2016 and 2017. Visit their respective websites for full terms and conditions. 

2.9. Membership cards must be presented upon entry at each home game to gain entry at HBF Stadium, Perth Arena or any other nominated Venue. 

2.10. West Coast Fever Members wishing to renew their membership must renew by 5pm WST Monday 31 October2016. After this date any seats not renewed will be released and made available for purchase to existing Members who wish to upgrade or new Members purchasing a new Membership. 

2.11. Parking 

a) Purchasing a 2017 Member parking pass entitles you to one car bay in a car park designated by HBF Stadium on each match day. 

b) Parking passes are limited and subject to availability. 

c) Lost pre-‐paid parking passes cannot be replaced. 

d) This pass is only valid for 2017 West Coast Fever home matches at HBF Stadium and not valid for Perth Arena matches. 

e) Pre-‐‐paid parking passes are only valid for the relevant car park (Car park 2). A parking bay will be reserved for pass holders from 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time until 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. 

2.12. If you are unable to attend a match, you are able to pass on your Membership card to another person subject to the other person being of the same Membership requisites e.g. junior to junior. Members cannot upgrade to get into the venue. 

2.13. Membership Category 

a) Concession Members applies to pensioners holding a Centrelink Card and students with a Full Time Student card aged 16 years (as at 1/01/2017) and over. Appropriate Proof of Concession must be available for display on stadium entry. Concession prices are not available to seniors or unemployed. 

b) Junior Members must be 15 years or younger as at 1/01/2017. Children aged two or younger are able to attend free of charge if they do not require a seat. 

c) A Family Membership consists of two (2) adults and two (2) juniors. 

d) Seating in Emerald and Green Zone are limited and may be sold out at the close of the Renewal Period. 

e) West Coast Fever Membership does not include reserved seating during the Finals Series. 2017 West Coast Fever Members will be offered the Final Series Priority Ticketing offer, which applies to any Final Series match hosted by West Coast Fever. In the event West Coast Fever contest an away Final Series match, Members will be offered priority ticketing where available and at the discretion of the National League.. 

f) A Fever Supporter Membership does not include a reserved seat or ticket to a 2017West Coast Fever match. If a Fever Supporter Member wishes to attend a match, they must purchase a ticket through Ticketek or Ticketmaster. 

2.14. Membership Benefits 

a) You will be entitled to the West Coast Fever Membership benefits in the category applied and paid for. 

b) Details on how membership packs will be distributed will be communicated via email. Members will have the option to pay for postage of their Membership packs additionally to their Membership. 

c) Member exclusive events will be communicated to 2017 members who provide a valid email address. 

d) Member only events throughout the 2017 season are not transferable to non-‐‐Members except where specified by Netball WA. 

e) Scody merchandise vouchers can only be redeemed online and not via the concessionaire at West Coast Fever games or events. 

2.15. Seating Allocation 

a) West Coast Fever will always do their utmost to satisfy all seating requests, however, we cannot accommodate every request. We ask Members to state their wish to make a seating request when completing their Membership application. 

b) If you wish to sit with other Members, please make sure this is clear, by entering the names of these Members in the additional information section when listing your seating requests. 

c) Renewing Members wishing to add additional Memberships may be reallocated to alternative seating, pending seating availability. 

d) Membership applications will be processed in the order that they are received and seating allocations will apply in the following order: 

  •  Renewing Members requesting the same seat (renewal must be received by 31 October2016). 
  •  Renewing Members requesting a different seat or adding additional new Members (renewal must be received by 31 October 2016). 
  •  New Members. 

e) Netball WA Reserves the right to relocate a Members’ seat up to no more than two (2) seats left or right from their 2016 location, without prior notification. 

3. Cancellation, Fees and Replacements 


3.1. Once your Membership application is submitted to the Club you cannot cancel your Membership, and refunds and exchanges will only be considered upon receiving a written letter from a Member, as expressed in this Agreement. 

3.2. No refunds are provided on any Membership except as required by law and as otherwise specified by the seller. If a refund is made, West Coast Fever may, to the extent permitted by law, retain an administrative fee equivalent to 15% of the Membership purchase price. 

3.3. Membership accounts are transferable upon receiving written authorization from the original Member requesting to transfer the Membership into another name. 

3.4. You will bear the prevailing replacement fee(s) for the lost, stolen or damaged Membership cards of $5 per card. These Membership cards will be immediately cancelled and new passes will be issued within 7 working days of being notified. Should the replacement card not be available for the next home game Netball WA will issue a ticket until a new Membership card can be issued. 

3.5. Netball WA reserves the right to cancel a Membership at any time if, in the opinion of the Club, a Member engages in disruptive behaviour. 

3.6. West Coast Fever reserves the right to cancel Membership at any time if, in the opinion of Netball WA, a Member engages in any inappropriate conduct which is prejudice, or likely to be prejudicial, to the interests or reputation of the game, West Coast Fever, Netball WA, or any of their sponsors. 

3.7. Netball WA reserve the right to immediately cancel or suspend a Membership at any time if, in the opinion of Netball WA, a Member engages in the misuse of their season Membership. 


4. Privacy Policy 


4.1. Netball WA respects the privacy of the individuals on whom the Club collects, uses and discloses personal information. Any personal information provided by a Member is stored securely and held by Netball WA and ticketing agent, Ticketek and Ticketmaster Australia. 

4.2. The personal information the Club collects from you may be used for the purposes of keeping you informed about your season Membership, providing you with Netball WA and West Coast Fever related information and providing netball activities and netball-‐‐related services to the Member. 

4.3. You may direct any questions or concerns on how the Club may collect, use or store your personal information to membership@westcoastfever.com.au. 

5. Promotional 

5.1. The rebate promotion runs from January 13, 2017 to February 24, 2017.
5.2. Rebates will be paid out in full following the conclusion of the promotional period.

5.3. All rebates will be paid out at the discretion of Netball WA.

5.4. Rebates will not be paid out retrospectively for Memberships purchased prior to January 12, 2017.
5.5. For the rebate to be valid, the purchaser must include the name of their netball club in the registration process.